Educate, Empower, and Engage young people to participate in education processes

Vichelle Yumuya, Education Network (E-Net) Philippines, speaking at a panel discussion at APMED 5 on ensuring the learning continuum as a right (linking SDG 4.1 and 4.6)

By Vichelle Yumuya, Education Network (E-Net) Philippines

It is important for young people, especially women, to be able to finish primary and secondary education because it helps them to maximize their full potential and have access to opportunities. Free education should be ensured to eliminate hidden costs in schools such as payment of projects, papers, exams, and other learning materials. Equitable education is important because learners are diverse and each of them has different needs. In promoting quality education, students should have adequate, gender-sensitive, and culture-sensitive instructional materials. Relevant and effective learning outcome means that education should not be market-oriented, but it is a platform for students to develop life skills, values, principles and civic engagement.

Having literacy and numeracy skills is the basic foundation of learning. SDG 4 redefined the meaning of literacy and numeracy beyond the ability to read and write a simple statement and having basic arithmetic skills. Having these skills should also mean that they are able to comprehend, distinguished facts from fictions, and develop critical thinking. Literacy and numeracy should focus on proficiency. Having this ability creates a big impact in the youth and adult learners, especially women, because they are able to understand information, have access to jobs, and exercise their rights.

EDUCATE – Young people should know their rights; they should have free access to information and they should be aware of different social issues happening around the world.

EMPOWER – Young people should have capacity building to enhance their skills in leadership and communication.

ENGAGE – Young people should be able to engage in government and CSOs planning and policy making, as well as being involve in the implementation processes.  

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